Facts about Bhuvan Bam aka BB

One of the most popular YouTube celebrities amongst the youngsters has his own past and his own story. Success never comes in a day, but it is a fruit of consistency and determination in your passion. Well, that is true. But you never know what life is gonna gift you!

  • Every classroom has a cunning and an entertainment box who keeps on entertaining the whole class by his cunning and witty nature. Bhuvan was one of them.
  • He bought a Nexus phone and wanted to check his front camera. So, he recorded a video clip and uploaded on his Facebook timeline. It went viral.
  • Bhuvan Bam is a musician who had a dream of Bollywood from his early stage of life. He kept his education as part time and worked full time as a musician in a local restaurant for about 8–12 hours per day.
  • In spite of not having sufficient financial conditions, Bhuvan bought some musical instruments and learned them from YouTube.
  • His friends asked him to stop that since it was a reality but in abusive language just like we see in his BB ki Vines. But he didn’t stop there. He created a Facebook page named BB ki Vines and uploaded another video there. It went viral in Pakistan. It got 15K views in a single week.
  • That was a time when many things in India were getting banned. So, he made an uncensored song which contained obscene language but it was based on the reality. It went viral again and he received huge publicity. Shiv Sena started threatening him via phone calls and told him that“Either video will remain or Bhuvan will be alive”

  • Being motivated, he started a new YouTube channel named BB ki Vines and uploaded few videos. His relatives and neighbors asked him to stop that ‘nonsense’ videos and get some degree and a decent job. However, his parents supported him because they knew that he was getting satisfaction in his job and nothing was important than satisfaction!

  • Within few days, the matter got cooled. But the song caught the attention of Fox Star Studios. The company recorded 10 songs from him within a week and rejected them all. Taking the advantage of huge banner, Fox Star studios didn’t even pay him.
  • Bhuvan decided not to work for free for any company, however, mega hub it maybe!
  • He started concentrating on his music career as well as BB ki Vines which was gaining enough popularity among the youngsters of India. As per today, has 3m+ subscribers on his channel.
  • BB has already collaborated with TVF and proved himself in various senses. He has shown that you need not be a silver spooned celebrity child to become famous. Hard work pays off too!

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