Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar Says She Feels Humiliated For Having A Pakistani Passport

A prominent figure of Pakistan’s media outlet, performing artist Saba Qamar, has influenced Indian group of onlookers with her style and acting in Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’. The performer has likewise awed us with her execution in various shows circulated on TV slot Zindagi.

Presently, a video of the performing artist is becoming famous online on the web in which she can be seen discussing how mortified she feels being a Pakistani. Saba additionally uncovers how Pakistanis are seen with doubt and scorn at airplane terminals over the world while Indians don’t face such issues.

Saba shares an episode when she went to Tblisi for shooting with kindred Indian group individuals. While all Indians were permitted to abandon much investigation, she needed to experience a nitty gritty physical checking and meeting since she had a Pakistani visa. This while, Saba could be seen going passionate, with her eyes brimming with tears. She goes ahead to state that she understood the position of Pakistan on the planet by then of time.

The video is a bit from her meeting with a television show titled ‘Ek Nayi Subah With Farah’ on A-Plus TV, a main excitement station of Pakistan. Amid the meeting, Saba additionally raised her voice against the severe assault and murder of Pakistani young lady Zainab Ansari, whose body was as of late recouped from a pile of waste five days after she disappeared.

Profoundly tormented by the awful episode, Saba engaged everybody to not sit tight for help or depend on police and rather make a move themselves. She encouraged all the lady to go to bat for themselves and prepare their little girls to shield themselves against manhandle.

As the recordings are circulating around the web on the web, Twitterati couldn’t avoid responding to the moving explanations by Saba:

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