What are some interesting facts about Mumbaikar Nikhil?

As if you asked this question, I guess you must have little idea of Mumbaikar Nikhil.

  • Full Name Nikhil Anil Sharma.
  • In Nikhil’s young age his father passed away RIP. He took care all his father’s business and family responsibilities while giving up his own job.
  • Nikhil is INDIA’s one of best moto vlogger .Well his limit is not only to make moto vlog only but daily life vlogs on different topics as well.
    • Nikhil is getting lot of popularities with his skills.
    • As per AUG 2017 his followers are

    On Youtube:- 510k(approx)

    Mumbiker Nikhil – YouTube

    On Facbook:- 125k (approx)

    Mumbiker Nikhil

    On Instagram:- 180k (approx)

    Nikhil Sharma (@nikkkhil) • Instagram photos and videos

    • Nikhil gained much popularity in just 2 years after he started his YouTube channel.

      So here i must tell you why this guy is getting much popularity.

      1.) If you meet him or watch his videos you must know how genuine and down to earth this guy is.

      2.) Nikhil has extraordinary confidence and presentation skills to explain any scenario or situations. Yes he shared his experiences in TEDx Talks.

      3.) Never tried to be fake for anyone sake.

      4.) Nikhil has all abilities to become philosopher he has great influence skills.

      5.) His simplicity makes him to connect direct to his viewers.

      6.) People really love to watch his life and activities it’s like Nikhil is doing something for them and try to make them more creative and give the purpose to dream beyond their thought.

      7.) He is perpetually active on his social site whether it’s INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE.

      8.) People really get connect with him , his vlog and personality makes them to become like him cause obviously he is living a life what people dream about it.

      9). Nikhil creates Meet-up with fans whenever he gets time.

       10.) I have seen many videos where Nikhil apologized to his fans if unintentionally hurt them during meetup, another one of best attitude.

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